New Customer Application

East Harbor is a direct lender to customers who have difficulty financing through traditional sources such as banks. Reasons for this could be insufficient credit, start ups, bad credit, etc… Most of our deals get funded in the 20-30% down payment range which is generally the hardest barrier to cross for the deal to close. We do difficult deals and the customers’ down payment is imperative to be in a good equity position on an asset. One of our biggest highlights is that our loans have no prepayment penalty and can be paid off at any time in the loan without future interest.

Requirements for a full approval

  • Credit app
  • Invoice
  • Spec sheet with pictures

Optional for best approval: “Not Required”

  • 2 years tax returns
  • 3 months bank statements
Bruno Raschio
Finance Manager
(786) 441-5994 Ext. 309
[email protected]
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